Amanda Rhine

Since 2009 Amanda Rhine has been dedicated to improving clients’ physical fitness and wellness through Pilates, teaching individual and group sessions in NE Iowa, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

After completing her bachelor’s degree program in child development and social work from Florida State University, she worked with non-profit agencies providing education in parenting skills, proving highly effective in building coping skills and working directly with children in providing Behavioral Health Intervention Services. Amanda quickly fell in love with how Pilates made her feel more alive while increasing body awareness and confidence. In 2010, she certified through The Physicalmind Institute and Wellness Coach training through Wellcoaches. Realizing benefits of Pilates went much deeper than providing just a physical benefit; Amanda reorganized her energy to fulfill a lifelong passion for helping others, launching her studio Discover Happy! In November 2011. Her innovative concept, based on a vision to provide clients with a collaborative approach encompassing mental, physical and emotional health.

Amanda developed the Discover Happy Teacher Training Program in 2016. Amanda leads full comprehensive instructor trainings that inspires curiosity and creativity of the Pilates instructor during a 6 month training. Our training program is incorporates support from Skillful Teaching Mentoring program, which Amanda has been an active participant of the Skillful Teaching Mentoring program since July 2015.

Amanda’s dream is to help guide clients and instructors to develop their definition of happiness through Pilates methodology movement and personal wellness. Contact Amanda at or 563-419-0346 so she can share all the great benefits of Pilates with you in a fun, HAPPY and supportive environment.

Bridgette Mitchell

My husband, Dave and I moved to Decorah in August 1995. We have four amazing children; Olivia, Cecilia, Isaiah and Elijah.
I started attending Pilates classes when a friend attended a few classes of her own. I had struggled with years of low back pain-I have had many relatives and a biological father have back surgeries due to degenerate diseases-that, in combination of four pregnancies were inevitably how my pain started at an earlier age for me.
With much hesitation, I attended the Pilates class and after only a few one-hour classes, I noticed a relief in my low back pain. I was able to completely stop my ibuprofen intake overtime and eventually was able to preform tasks I was unable to due to the pain!
With the inconsistency of Pilates classes being offered, I decided to research how I could attend teacher training only to properly maintain my own Pilates movement independently to stay fit and well.
After my training was complete in July 2013, I dove deeper into how I might be able to help those in the same predicament I found myself in only months earlier-I couldn’t keep this secret of Pilates health and well being to myself!!!
Offering Pilates classes to those whom search to find their own wellness through strength and mind-body movement is one the most fulfilling things I have achieved in my lifetime! Whether Pilates is for pain maintenance, mind-body and fitness achievement, or a little extra weekly social connection, Pilates is for all fitness levels and most find that it fulfills even more satisfaction than they ever imagined possible!